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Meticulous Crafted.

A DMV native (that's the tri-state of DC, Maryland and Virginia for those who aren't in the know), I'm a bootstrapper experienced in marketing, design, user experience, branding, and technology in New York City with an incredible thirst for knowledge. Raised in a restaurant, something I like to call restaurant baby, I use my knowledge of customer experience into adjacent fields for customer retention, digital marketing, brand experience, and technical operations. When planning the launch of a product, campaign, or presentation, I gather the necessary data for justifying strategic decisions and pair it with empathy to recite a convincing story of why customers should purchase the idea/product. Due to the gamer in me, I love transferring my skills to new challenges, and showing how I can still dominate the arena. Also food and dancing are amazing.

Integrate with services you love.

It's easy automation for growing companies. Stick with true and tried tools that work with your flowjo. Out of the box, Brandon seamless connects with various services, and new ones are added monthly. It integrates with apps such as Buffer, Slack, PayPal, Squarespace, Xero, Asana, Trello, & many more. If a software isn't listed, the AI and machine learning capabilities will kick in once it has been introduced to the developer environment.



All in one platform; inclusive if you will.

An incredible amount of engineering was required to bring powerful creativity and productivity tools to the palm of your hand in each handcrafted Brandon. Seamless and beautiful, Brandon is an elegant addition to your workspace, representing a depth of technology at the height of design. As the system learns how you work, you’ll experience productivity on a new level.


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One account; access anywhere.

Easily accessible across any device. You can find Brandon on a phone, computer, tablet, game console, coffee maker, headphones, or smoke signals. No more worries about a Brandon ghosting on you in your time of need.


Every purchase goes to improving our community. 

We believe in giving back and enhancing our community for the better. Our four pillars of commitment encompass social, gender, racial, and immigration through our partnerships with nonprofits. 



90 Day Trial, Free Shipping

Test it, break it, build it — if you don’t love your Brandon, we’ll take it back.

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